About Novix

Novix is an international consulting firm specialized in developing systems and large-scale models for Business Planning, Budgeting, Price and Tariff Setting, Demand Forecast, Operations and Production Planning as well as Cost Optimization.

High-standard solutions provided by Novix are the result of combining long experience and deep knowledge of Industrial Economics and Decision Support Techniques applied by using cutting edge business software.

Novix’s highly qualified consultants have provided solutions to large corporations and government agencies around the world, including: USA, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, etc.

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Successful Cases

ACP (Panama Canal)

In order to support the Toll Setting Process of the Panama Canal, a Planning Model was developed for computing the cost of transporting goods through almost 1,000 maritime routes linking origin and destination in more than 200 ports around the world.


To support the decision making process, Renault Americas (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia) asked Novix to develop an S&OP Model to balance demand and supply by optimizing the allocation of production to markets according to headquarters strategies, while meeting the capacity constraints of both the production line and the supply chain.

EDP (Energias de Portugal)

EDP Brazil decided to improve its planning process by the incorporation of an Integrated Planning Model . The process of financial planning and control was redefined and improved by implementing an integrated and dynamic platform across all areas and business units.