Whitney University System

Whitney University System offers best practices procedures to optimize administrative functions of its clients by providing them high quality academic resources and state-of-the-art procedures.

As part of these services Novix has developed and implemented among their clients a model that allows consistent projections of student´s enrollment, revenue and professor´s cost.

Universities did not have a system in which both revenue and professor cost were linked, due to this, budget building was complex and what-if analysis of different hypothesis was tedious and time – consuming.

The implemented model captures each University particularities which is determined by the dynamic of each institution, its local framework, the legal, cultural and economic factors of the country in which they are located.

Novix integrated planning experience make it possible to develop a model that reflects every aspect of these business in a simple, user friendly tool.

Tuition scenarios, marketing campaigns for new students or persistency increment programs impact can be easily and consistently evaluated in a few clicks.

Benchmarking among universities is promoted by the existence of a module including standard KPIs. This module makes it possible for universities to access their own and their partner’s performance indicators in order to share knowledge and agreed on which should be the Best Planning Practice for each case.