Renault Americas

The Renault Group has been making cars since 1898. Operating in 115 countries with 38 production sites and 13,300 sales outlets, Renault offers a broad range of innovative, safe and increasingly environment-friendly vehicles.

The Renault Production Way ensures Renault’s capital equipment achieves an optimal level of performance. It ranks among the most competitive and most flexible in the automotive sector and is continuously improved through the application of Renault-Nissan Alliance best practices. It enhances group performance thorough plant specialization according to car segment, development of plant capacity to produce different vehicles on the same production line and continuous improvement of the workstation.

To support the decision making process, Renault Americas (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia) asked Novix to develop an S&OP Model to balance demand and supply by optimizing the allocation of production to markets according to headquarters strategies, while meeting the capacity constraints of both the production line and the supply chain.