Pyplan empowers a truly integrated approach for Business Planning. Too many large enterprises still develop plans using a set of barely connected spreadsheets — so that revising a plan requires complex coordination between divisions and takes weeks or months. With Pyplan, enterprises can develop and modify integrated plans in minutes.

Any business analysts can access Pyplan to review, analyze, and modify plans through web application. You can run Pyplan as hosted on our servers or we can install it on your own company servers.

Pyplan and the associated services provide a comprehensive solution for attending your entire planning needs.

AIC is a consulting firm specialized in Transportation, Maritime
Ports and Logistics. AIC develops infrastructure feasibility studies, environmental projects and provides
support for developing infrastructure business, its implementation and management. AIC consultants work with
a team approach for rendering services to private companies as well as to government agencies with the
purpose of providing support for developing corporate and public infrastructure policies.